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Our Private Equity Insurance Practice

Private equity firms in the course of their transactions and investments will look at enterprises which present a variety of risks that could lead to losses. The team at Porter & Curtis will work with you to identify exposures, assess existing insurance and risk transfer practices, and review loss history to bring a full understanding of the risks associated with the business.

We are interested in opportunities where an insurance solution is mission-critical to the venture and your success. We understand the fast-paced speed with which M&A deals are made and the need for a responsive insurance and risk management program to be in place.

We listen, share insights, and work together with clients to deliver tailored solutions. This builds trust and long-term relationships so our clients can move forward confidently.


Solutions for Unique Risks

For businesses with no satisfactory off-the-shelf insurance solution, we offer the following solutions:

  • Exposure Identification
  • Coverage Design
  • Manuscript Policy Wording
  • Rate Development
  • Insurance Negotiation and Placement