We Take A Holistic Approach to Risk Management.

Manage exposures throughout the organization for reduced risks and claims costs.

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Integrated Risk Management©

Our ultimate goal is to minimize your cost of risk. To that end, we develop customized risk management standards derived from your loss experience that are practical and address the real loss drivers. Porter & Curtis is committed to creating strategies that deliver integrated risk management solutions to our clients. We transfer responsibility for risk management from one person or department to the responsibility of the entire organization. Our approach involves:

  • Identifying core dependencies (resources) of each distinct business operation
  • Identifying key risks to each core dependency
  • Measuring and treating key risks
  • Embedding controls in work practices and create accountabilities
  • Measuring compliance

This holistic risk management approach recognizes that risk is best managed where it is created, and will serve to address exposures, minimize risk, and reduce claims.


Our Risk Management Software Application

We provide clients with access to Quadra developed by AETI, a risk management software application to maintain insurance exposure asset information, allocate insurance costs, and manage risk and loss control through a streamlined, easy-to-use interface. This enables clients to organize their company’s risk management standards and empowers employees to be responsible for properly managing their exposures.

Quadra accommodates data for all types of exposures including structures, fleets of vehicles, machinery, payroll, events, and more. A reporting feature allows clients to quickly gain insights on values, allocations, and transactions. They can easily generate and renew insurance certificates for Liability and Property and create Auto ID cards.