Problem Solving

Porter & Curtis (P&C) has a unique capacity for problem solving.

This capacity stems from our ability to leverage the firm’s differentiation using our staff, market access, and experience.

In addition, and perhaps most significantly, we do not allow ourselves to believe what we think we know, but rather we approach each situation as if anything is possible.

Our Staff

We employ a wide range of intellectual resources. Our staff that includes lawyers, accountants, and MBAs, along with a range of insurance certifications.

Market Access

We have unfettered market access to the risk taking market place. Our access includes domestic and foreign insurance and reinsurance markets.


We have uniquely broad industry, structure, and coverage experience that includes insurance and reinsurance, policy drafting, fronting, self-insurance, structured insurance, unincorporated risk pools, trusts, and captives, and proprietary tools for exposure identification and coverage analysis.